It’s here! New Henry has a little shop.

Well friends, it’s finally here. I have officially launched my styling and design business, New Henry Design. It’s been a while in the making, and somehow, all of the things I love and love to do, now make sense!

So far, I’ve got a few prints in the shop, (more to come!) and have artwork on exhibition and for sale, at a favourite little bar called The Scratch, in Brisbane. I am also working alongside an excellent property styling company called Signature Property Styling. This is the early stages of what I know will be an exciting adventure in the world of interiors and styling. I have many ideas, plans, and dreams that I am determined to get into, I feel like this is just the beginning, and would love you to join me on the journey.

Please like my FB page, and follow on instagram (new_henry_design), check out the website, and share it if you feel like it.


Blissful city living in Brooklyn town houses. Yum.

Brooklyn Kitchen

Blissful city living.

I love all of this. I so want to live in a beautiful inner city space, with some sort of a connection with the outdoors, brick and timber, big windows and gas cooking, storage abundant and close to all the things I love…city, business, ideas, culture, creativity, entrepreneurs, history, progress…. I don’t care for too much space. It requires more effort to maintain, and less interaction with surroundings. Just well designed and thought through, with enough space to play, cook, create, and have friends enjoy it too.

Unusual & Interesting Renovations

Unusual & interesting renovations

One of my dreams is to turn a beautiful old church building into my home. There are a couple of churches around Brisbane I have my eye on. The example in this article just encourages this dream even more! I love the idea of reusing buildings and turning them into something unexpected.

Property Styling – A beach side Queenslander

I had the privilege of working with a designer friend Lindsay Southwell from Signature Property Styling on this project last week. Our very first job, this home is a gorgeous, light, airy Queenslander at Wynnum West, that we staged for sale in Brisbane. (more…)

Sideboard love. The mid century influence strikes again.

Sideboard love.

Oslo Buffet

Oslo Buffet

I asked my husband if he liked this, he said… “Yeah! I do. Except all the random colours. Why does it only have one blue door, and all that white. The wood would just look better.”

I can see his point, the timber is lovely. And it challenged me to look deeper as to why I liked it so much, just as it is.

To me it’s fresh, interesting, very mid century and scandinavian, styles that I find myself drawn to. The white and grey makes the timber look even more lovely, because it offers a clean crispness to contrast the warm and textured wood against. There is attention to detail in the rounded edges. It’s asymmetrical and imperfect. It’s fun, contemporary, but not too serious. It’s just cool.

INSIDE CELEBRITY HOUSES! Not as gossipy as you might think.

I have just stumbled across this website. Like, in the last half an hour. How did I not know about this!  Probably because I’m a bit behind with the celebrity style and gossip sites, it’s not really something I go out of my way to explore. However, I do love to explore a house, and what better house to explore, than that of someone famous! My first picks to view were:

Julianne Moore‘s gorgeous NYC apartment. I love this, it’s classy and humble. I imagine her to be a bit like that.

Jennifer Aniston‘s old house in Beverly Hills. Looks nice, but not that amazing in the first three photos… then… bam. Super-classy-amazing-I-would-like-to-be-living-there. OK, it might be old news, she sold it in 2011, but it’s new to me!

This may just become my new guilty pleasure.