Who else wants beautiful Australian designer lighting?

Brick from Anchorman said it, and I’ll say it again. I love lamp. He may not have meant it with the passion that I mean it, but for mood or for function there is nothing more lovely than well designed lighting in a room. I truly love lamp. I have found some delightful Australian designed and made lamps to rock your bedside table or lounge room.

Wildwood Designs create a range of beautiful and interesting wooden furniture. Part of their collection includes hand turned lamp bases. With the charm of imperfect wood, each piece is unique, and perfect as a featured lamp in any room.

Wood Lamp1

Rad-i-cal. This upcycled delight can be found on Crafted by Red Zebra Designs, this is why I love this website, you just never know what creative things you might find! This would make a great little nightlight in a kids room, or for an 80’s retro industrial type vibe. Love it.

Cassette Tape Light

On further investigation of Red Zebra’s creations, I could not leave out this amazing Vintage Movie Lampshade. It is made from old film reel, and emits such a beautiful warm glow. Yes it’s recycled, but it’s not too out there, and actually hard to tell what it is. I think this is super cool.

vintage movie lampshade

Sydney designers Shady Designs are the creators of custom made lamps and lighting to suit any style. They host a huge range of fabrics and materials, and designers will work with you to customise what you’d love to light up your room with.

This absolutely gorgeous feature lamp handmade from one off fabric and an Italian lamp base, it can be bought online at


There is good reason to include a second light made from wood in this post. These Cracked Log Lamps are magical, as is much of the work by Duncan Meerding. His innovative use of this material is most definitely worth a mention, his gallery is inspirational.


I am certain I will be finding more amazing designs in the lighting arena, this is just scraping the surface of the design talent in Australia. I must say, it’s rather exciting.