Chair Design Hot Seat of the Day – ‘Lady’ by Marco Zanuso

It has been a while, but I do have a beautiful piece for you to gaze upon today. ‘Lady’ was originally designed in 1951 for Italian furniture design company Arflex, but she seduced me with her peacock feather pattern from the Poliform website.

What I love about good design is that it never really dates. This could have been created in any decade since the 50’s but what I think gives it away as a ‘mid century modern‘ piece, is those telltale curves and angled legs. It is timeless, comforting, and potentially humble, depending on the finish you’d choose. That silky, almost iridescent green and blue peacock pattern is anything but humble, and would create an amazing statement chair in a mysterious room.

Be sure to have a look at more pictures and info on the spec sheet.

lady greenlady houndstoothlady peacock

Eclectic Living Spaces

I am working on a project right now that needs to be eclectically decorated, which is why I’ve been investigating this design style recently. The key to eclectic is having a strong common denominator. So, you can gather a range of items, but they must have something in common. For example, a particular colour could be the dominating design feature, texture can make the design feature by having a variety of it, or a particular type of line or shape throughout the room.  The most common connecting factor I find in photos of eclectic design is colour. It’s an easy one to choose, because people often inadvertently gravitate to particular colours, and find themselves with a whole lot of things that mesh well into a scheme by colour.  I’ve been searching one of my favourite sources of inspiration… Here are a few photos I found, that mainly have colour as their design element.

I’m such a sucker for the eclectic-frames-on-the-wall look. I just love it. It’s such a good way to collate a range of interesting photos and art and other items, and looks really attractive in the right room. The high ceilings in this room are good because too many things on a shorter wall can look too cluttered.

The cool colours and raw concrete of this room would be the perfect work or sitting space in our hot Brisbane climate. I love the simple mixture of frames, and a plant on the table is such an easy way to spruce up the room. It provides necessary oxygen too!

This modern styled room is eclectic, but not cluttered. The limited colour palette allows varying patterns and shapes to bring life and vibrancy to the room.

How much fun is this room! It’s vibrant, comfortable, light and refreshing. I love that it looks loved and easy to live in.

Connected by black and white and grey, with splashes of colour, this small loft space has been divided into zones by texture and varying styles. It may feel somewhat cluttered and busy to some, but it certainly feels well lived in and interesting.

Chair Design Hot Seat of the Day – Phillipe Starck’s Ghost Chair

Inspired by a time far removed,  the Ghost began haunting the world in the 80’s. It was innovative and interesting at the time, but is an absolute icon now, with replicas available everywhere, and still one of the most popular chair designs in the world.  Phillipe Starck is an amazing designer, challenging boundaries and creating iconic and beautiful furniture. If you look at his photos you can see a mischievous twinkle in his eye, I’m thinking he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

The Louis Ghost Chair is just classic, a beautiful shape. The cameo shaped back gives imagination for an upper-class portrait, and the arm rests make it almost like a throne. It speaks of opulence, despite the material it is made from. What a designer to be able to do that!  The Victoria is similar, having that cameo shape (that I  truly love) but without the arms.

This is the perfect choice for a modern or eclectic interior.  The transparent chair is absolutely perfect for small spaces, allowing light through and giving less mass. It is stylish, timeless and fun.

Kartell_Victoria_Ghost_Chairs Ghost Chair 2

Find more information at or I also found this blog entry at Design Jobs with a bit more history of this icon.

Chair Design Hot Seat of the Day – Egg Chair

Leather Egg Chair

It’s an unmistakeable classic, an icon of the mid century modern movement, Arne Jacobsen‘s ‘Egg Chair’.

This chair was designed in 1958 for the hotel Radisson SAS in Copenhagen. At the time, it was extravagant and expensive, and designed for opulent living.

It’s reputation as a luxury and iconic furniture piece makes it a popular feature chair in stylish homes.

This popular seat even has it’s own online community, where you can find everything ‘egg chair’ you ever imagined, and if you are really super keen, here is a video showcasing the true art of creating one. Fritz Hansen – Birth of an Egg Chair

To get hold of an original , you’d be looking at about $7000. But there are some gorgeous replicas around. My personal favourite replica is this one here, from Matt Blatt. I love the twist on a cow hide rug, and that texture will really add something special to the room. This chair would be a key feature item set to steal the show in any room.

Cowhide Egg

For a more affordable option, try Milan Direct furniture.

Hot Seat of the Day – Replica Costes

Originally designed by Phillipe Starck in 1982, for the Hotel Costes in Paris, here is a lovely modern chair if ever I’ve seen one. Look at that encompassing warm mahogany wood and comfortable cushion seat.

And he has a little quirk if you can drag your eyes away from his sexy curves… only 3 legs.

I’m in love. This would be a gorgeous addition to your office or living space. Imagine 6 of him around your dining table. Mmm mm.

Matt Blatt Replica Costes Chair
Replica Costes Chair by Matt Blatt

You can find this guy on the Matt Blatt website, or visit their showroom at 18 Doggett Street
Newstead QLD.