Month: July 2014

transforming billboards into homes

mecc interiors | design bites

Billboards. Look around any major metropolitan area and you are bound to see several. Unfortunately, in those same metropolitan areas, you are likely to see homeless people. DesignDevelop, a Slovakian building and reconstruction company, would like to use the former to help minimize the latter.

Though it is a little difficult to see from the renderings, the tiny homes have a triangular footprint of approximately 16.5 square meters (178 square feet). The intention is that one or two of the walls be used for advertising space along the side of busy roads and/or highways.

transforming billboards into homes | @meccinteriors | design bites The interior is surprisingly well-appointed and the finishes (in the concept, at least) are superior to what I would have expected.

Bedroom and work / dining areas have the only windows in the unit, both of which would face away from the roadway.

transforming billboards into homes | @meccinteriors | design bites Though small, the bathroom has everything you need, including what could be…

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