Melbourne. A visual journal.

There has been a DSLR lying dormant in my cupboard. The last post I did forced me to waken her, and I’m sure glad I did. I thought those photos came out surprisingly well. So I took her to Melbourne with me on the weekend, and managed to get some shots without slowing the days to a crawl. You may have seen a dork with online tutorials open on an iphone in one hand, and a Canon 1000D in the other. That was me. Working out how to best capture the beautiful and interesting things I was seeing; textures and shapes, streetscapes and surfaces, so much to take in. I don’t feel like these are particularly amazing photos, although I’m really happy with the portrait of my hubby Tim, and I think it’s a good first attempt at using only manual settings, but more importantly I have rediscovered my love for photography. I hope you enjoy. 

_MG_6231 _MG_6080

IMG_6044 _MG_5975 _MG_5994 _MG_5951


Girl Heavenward _MG_5968 _MG_5962_2 _MG_5956

_MG_6058 _MG_6064 IMG_6237 _MG_6016 _MG_6204 _MG_6212 _MG_6214 _MG_6224 _MG_6119 _MG_6116 _MG_6013_2 _MG_6087 _MG_6097 _MG_6096



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