Apartment Design Part 3 – Material Selections for Kitchen & Living

I have been meaning to add more of the work I did last semester on this apartment project.  Please find my materials board and why I’ve chosen some of the selections. I’ve also included my attempts to recreate some of the materials in the rendered views of the project in REVIT, although this program is fantastic, it was difficult to communicate how you really want the rooms to look and feel.

If you fancy, please have a look at the overall ‘Deluxe Flux’ floor plan , so you can get a sense of the space planning.

I was so pleased with how all the selections for the busiest and most used part of the apartment came together visually. I feel that this space would be welcoming and functional for a small family once all the colours and textures came together. I only wish this project could have come to real life. Let me know if you are in need of a redecorate, renovate, or colour scheme, I am itching to get into something new!


Materials Board Kitchen  

I really wanted to use colours and materials in the living and kitchen spaces that gave a sense of light, warmth and style. As this client is about to have a baby, the materials needed to be comfortable and easily cleaned. I wanted to use timber flooring to hide dirt a little bit, and be a softer, sound absorbing foundation for the noisy little person that would spend a good amount of time down there.

  1. Benchtop – ‘Crystal Chalk’ gloss from Essastone
  2. Feature wall – ‘Mexican Dream’ PAINT from British Paints
  3. Printed glass splashback featuring travel photographs
  4. Cabinetry –‘Parchment’ natural from Laminex
  5. Standard walls – ‘Tea Light’ paint from British Paints
  6. Upholstery fabric  for custom seat from Warwick Fabrics
  7. Timber flooring – ‘Larch’ brushed oil from Mafi
  8. Kick rail & custom seat – ‘fossil’ natural from Laminex
  9. Balcony outdoor tile –  ‘wet cement’ from National Tiles

Kitchen Splashback


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