Bed Hunting – 7 Great Places to Rest Your Head

I would LOVE a new bed. I’ve had a wrought iron 4 poster bed with lovely flowing mosquito nets for way too long. I’m bored with it. Plus we are downsizing, so a new room is likely to be quite small. A four poster bed of any calibre overfills a room with regular ceiling height, and is a little bit dangerous when you’ve got a ceiling fan in there! I am also bored (but more annoyed) at having loads of stuff under our bed. There are blankets, tools, boxes of stationery all hanging out, and it is unsightly and downright gross. I’m done with that friends! So I’ve put together a collection of my favourite bed finds so far, with big dreams of obtaining something from this list sometime very soon, and decluttering for our new space. 

1. Amore 4 Piece Bedroom Setting $1699

Amore Bed Set

I’ve loved this since I first saw it. I still love it, and think it is absolute value at $1699 for a 4 piece setting. It is elegant and timeless, with a hint of edginess with its dark and slightly sanded paintwork. This is probably the top of my list from the great folks at Domayne.

2. Rueben Bed $649

Reuben Bed

This is also a bit of a steal, and I really love a practical element to furniture and design. In Queensland, we really only have a few weeks of weather cool enough to require a thicker blanket, but nevertheless, we do require it. So those drawers at the end of this bed… perfect!

3. ‘Big Bed’ $3899

Big Bed

This is another very practical and sleek bed from King Furniture. The base lifts right up to create a storage compartment under the mattress, and you can’t see any shoes, curtains, tools, blankets or otherwise peeking out the bottom. Clean line heaven!

4. LEIRVIK $189


With a name like that, you know which loveable furniture giant it’s come from. This is a seriously cute bed if you’re on a budget, into cute, shabby chic, vintage style. SUCH a good price, and a lovely feature piece.

5. Montana TV Bed $4999


There is something a little bit guilty about watching TV in bed. This queen bed with a TV built into it is just normalising what some might say is a luxury, and I say “Thats OK!” I do think for that price, you could probably buy a bed that looks a bit better, and mount a sweet TV on the wall. But there are always those who love a new gadget!

6. Futon from $520


This futon style bed is just beautiful. The Japanese do minimalism so well, and although it is hand crafted by a Brisbane company, it oozes the elegance and simplicity that I love about japanese style.

7. Extra Wall Bed From $9440.00


Ahh Space Furniture. One of my favourite stockists of finely designed furniture, but mostly somewhat out of reach…like they say, you always want what you can’t have! This bed by Living Divani is just so elegant, and practical. A modular design, it can be placed anywhere in a room, depending on how you configure the bed head, hence the ‘extra wall’ name. I love the ‘low to the ground’ feel, and the simplicity of it.


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