INSIDE CELEBRITY HOUSES! Not as gossipy as you might think.

I have just stumbled across this website. Like, in the last half an hour. How did I not know about this!  Probably because I’m a bit behind with the celebrity style and gossip sites, it’s not really something I go out of my way to explore. However, I do love to explore a house, and what better house to explore, than that of someone famous! My first picks to view were:

Julianne Moore‘s gorgeous NYC apartment. I love this, it’s classy and humble. I imagine her to be a bit like that.

Jennifer Aniston‘s old house in Beverly Hills. Looks nice, but not that amazing in the first three photos… then… bam. Super-classy-amazing-I-would-like-to-be-living-there. OK, it might be old news, she sold it in 2011, but it’s new to me!

This may just become my new guilty pleasure.


One comment

  1. I like a lot of the features both celebrity homes but I wouldn’t want to live in them. I never understand sacrificing comfort for looks. The couches in Aniston’s house look uncomfortable. They don’t look like some place I’d like to hang out and watch movies all day on. And that view is amazing but there’s a pool table from that beautiful view point? How often does she play pool and get to enjoy the view? I’d replace it with a kitchen table or a few chairs to sit and have late night talks on while soaking in the the skyline.

    The NYC apartment has lots of non-working fireplaces. They add a nice look but even making them into functional gas fireplaces would be a game changer. The NYC bathroom has a fireplace next to the tub! If it was working I could imagine coming home during a blizzard, filling the tub with hot water, keeping all the lights off, flicking on the fireplace, and hopping in the tub as the wind shakes the windows.

    Both are great for taking pictures of but I’m a fan of beautiful functionality.

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