Chair Design Hot Seat of the Day – Phillipe Starck’s Ghost Chair

Inspired by a time far removed,  the Ghost began haunting the world in the 80’s. It was innovative and interesting at the time, but is an absolute icon now, with replicas available everywhere, and still one of the most popular chair designs in the world.  Phillipe Starck is an amazing designer, challenging boundaries and creating iconic and beautiful furniture. If you look at his photos you can see a mischievous twinkle in his eye, I’m thinking he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

The Louis Ghost Chair is just classic, a beautiful shape. The cameo shaped back gives imagination for an upper-class portrait, and the arm rests make it almost like a throne. It speaks of opulence, despite the material it is made from. What a designer to be able to do that!  The Victoria is similar, having that cameo shape (that I  truly love) but without the arms.

This is the perfect choice for a modern or eclectic interior.  The transparent chair is absolutely perfect for small spaces, allowing light through and giving less mass. It is stylish, timeless and fun.

Kartell_Victoria_Ghost_Chairs Ghost Chair 2

Find more information at or I also found this blog entry at Design Jobs with a bit more history of this icon.


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