3 items for a less cluttered bedroom.

One of the key elements to good bedroom design is working at minimising the clutter. To me, a bedroom is a refuge, a place of relaxation, peace and love, but it often ends up the cavern of clutter which can cause more stress. It should be as free from ‘stuff’ as possible. This couldn’t be further from the truth when you have a busy life that includes kids! Our room is generally strewn with baskets of washing, Winnie the Pooh books, shoes, clothes, toys. It’s hard work to keep it in a state of zen.

Personally, my main aim is to at least keep the floor uncluttered. If you can walk around the bed and to the wardrobe, you will be much less frustrated until tidying time comes around again. As much as we’d like to live in a beautiful home tended to by cleaners and gardeners, this is a post more about the reality of home life. Here are my top tips for organising the bedroom:


Think outside the box with your storage.

I love storage. Creating a place for everything is the way to organise a bedroom and there are some really good cheap storage solutions around. You must be deliberate about culling unnecessary items, and categorising the rest. Here are some hints to making this work.

Baskets or vintage suitcases under the bed to keep magazines, books, and other bits and pieces. (Pic found on Pinterest)

underbed baskets

– Have a little ‘miscellaneous’ basket for those things that end up in your room and around the place. Pens, random toiletries, pieces of paper you’re unsure if you should keep or not. Slide it into a drawer, or sit it on top of a dresser, and clean it out once a week. At least you’ve got somewhere to put the things you don’t know where to put.

– I actually have had a little wooden shoe rack next to my bed, which holds all these things; books, mags, photo, lamp and a ‘miscellaneous’ basket in a reasonably tidy manner. Its cheap, and practical, and suits the eclectic decorating style I love.

Bedside Organisation

– Have somewhere designated for your shoes to go. Get a shoe rack, or box system in the wardrobe. At least they have somewhere to go, even if they don’t make it there straight away.


A feature chair is a stylish and practical idea.

If you have the space, get a larger armchair, with upholstered fabric. Like this lovely one from Matt Blatt. It provides a soft comfortable feel, opportunity for pattern and texture if you want to go that way, and lets be frank, a great place to throw your clothes.

Perfect as a stylish bedroom chair...for clothes and sometimes for sitting.

If you don’t have the space for a large chair, even a cute vintage dining or piano stool works too. I scored this one for free from kerbside collection, it looks interesting and simple, and is so handy!

bedside piano stool copy


I love a good coat rack.

It takes up minimal floor space, and can hold all manner of things. Handbags, scarves, belts, hats and a dressing gown all make their home on my rack. Things are in clear view for accessorising an outfit, and make a colourful fountain of my belongings. Sometimes the fountain overflows and floods the whole room, but hey, thats life. We can’t all swan around in a show home can we?

Bedroom Coat Rack

My favourite places get boxes, baskets and other vessels for my stuff are:

Op Shops – You just don’t know what you might find. There are usually always baskets, trinket boxes, suitcases, chairs to be found. I need to open my own shop to resell the gold that I find! I do recommend heading out of the city area to get better bargains. Some op shops have confusion about their identity, and think they are antique dealers.

Ebay and Gumtree. I am unashamed in my love of second hand things, these two apps get a good working on my iPhone!

Ikea. Yes a predictable solution, but they always come up with the goods! Cheap drawer inserts, scarf hangers, boxes, bins, shelves, the possibilities are endless.

Cheap shops. You know the ones, heaps of crap, but sometimes…just sometimes, you can find items that come in super handy. Like plastic baskets for organising toiletries, or tubs and buckets for the laundry. One time, I actually even scored a really stylish handbag one time, that still remains the accessory that has had the most comments ever.

Good luck on decluttering your bedroom! It is constantly a work in progress in my house. Let me know if you have any other tips and easy solutions for this.


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